We made it. Welcome to phase one of everything I know being uploaded into one place. #Yay. I am so excited to have you all along for the ride. I am going to keep this short and simple, with a description of what you're getting into...

Firstly, all of this is educational. The intention of this platform is for you to glean and grow for each other and fro myself... if thats even possible 😉. Truthfully speaking I see so much in all of you, its rather selfish of me to try and bring you all together because I know why I am doing it ... I want to learn from you. Thats right, you all have unique life stories, goals, and discoveries that I WANT TO KNOW.

This is a collective, its selective by nature but not intended to exclude the masses. If you know about me you know how often I drive the subject of Protecting Your Energy, sheesh, I even made a clothing brand off of that topic alone. So lets all trust each other and protect our energy, this is a space for creatives and influencers. We all live in this space together with the same goal: Grow Daily.

Thank you all for trusting me with your most valuable asset, your time. I know that together we can accomplish anything.

I will be posting more blogs soon, but in the mean time, y'all should head over to the challenges section and start on the tiktok challenge. So far Dallas is the only one to complete it.

HUGE congratulations to Dallas for hitting 18.5 TikTok followers in ONE MONTH. If Dallas can do it, so can we all. Check out one of his most view TikTok's and tell me why you think he went viral? I think its the beard 😉.

Sending y'all love.

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